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2016 Infiniti Q60 Coming

Infiniti offers us the new Q60 as a preview to the 2017 model year car that will be an elegant and enticing coupe that will easily entice the imagination and give you the look, drive, feel and equipment you want to have on a car that is made to meet all your desires.  As an already successful model, this new Q60 should be the next halo car for Infiniti, giving the brand a new looks for a name that already stands for significant quality and awesome engineering.  With that in mind, here are some of the new features of the Q60 that will whet your desires for this car prior to the 2017 model year launch.

Production Before Concept – In an almost backwards fashion, Infiniti designed the production car before they created the concept version.  The new production car will show up in the fall of 2016 for the 2017 model year and the concept versions that will make the car show circuit were based off this car.

400 Sketches – This gives you a look into what a design and concept for a car can go through.  There were 400 sketches drawn to show what the car should look like which was paired down to six quarter scale models, then three full-size models which finally became the one car that we will see as the Q60.

Shoulder Strength – The new Q60 shows off with very strong shoulder which give the car a superior looking foundation.  This design feature shows the creativity of the artists that dreamed this car up and the engineers that made the awesome shape come to life and become a true reality.

Door Hinge Engineering – the complex body lines of the Q60 offer a need for a very different style door hinge, which has been created to ensure the body lines can be as extreme as desired.  This was certainly no easy feat but the finished product is breathtaking with the dramatic lines extending the length of the body.

Detroit or Bust – The new production version of the Q60 will debut at the 2016 Detroit Auto Show in January to let us see exactly what we will get on the roads.  So far we have been told the dramatic lines are the same as the concept models, at least around the door hinge area.

Fender Vent Changes – The concept version has front fender vents that raise up to the wheel well, the production model is expected to be different in this area.  We won’t see what exactly is different until January and this area will certainly be a section of discussion during the release.

More Power; Angrier Look – The grill is large and gives the Q60 a mean look which is just awesome.  The new engine behind the grill looks to be a twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter V6 that can produce as much as 350 horsepower and more torque than the outgoing model, but more engines are expected for this car.

More Engines – A nice Segway; the Q60 is expected to have a turbocharged four-cylinder engine to go along with the V6 and there could be more.  Whatever engine lineup is offered there should plenty of power and even a lower entry price with the four-cylinder offering to make the Q60 even more attractive.

Futuristic Design – The Q60 could be the design that carries Infiniti forward.  Some may feel it’s too sleek or smooth; others may love the fluidity of the overall look of the car.  Either way, the new look is polarizing, much like the Lexus Spindle Grill has been for years, and could be the look that carries the brand.

Hood Line Continues – The small but pronounced crease that begins in the center of the hood and makes its way to the front of the grill brings attention to the car and will become part of the production car.  This is just one of the unique characteristics of the Q60 that will be a great carry over item.

Quilted Leather Inserts – When a redesign takes place sometimes you wonder if the great features you love will continue to be offered on the new model.  Thankfully, the quilted leather seat inserts that have been loved on the previous model will continue forward to give you a supple comfort in every seat.

Model Grades Could Change – What we are used to may change giving us a great new look and feel of the car.  With the new generation giving the Q60 a new list of trim levels and feature packages you will be able to choose the Q60 that is right for you and has the equipment you want.

The new Q60 offers a great look and feel with fantastic designs and elements that could be the new embodiment of what Infiniti will offer us as their new brand style.  With all these awesome improvements the Q60 is a model to look forward to at the Detroit Auto Show in January to see what this car will offer for us to love and enjoy.

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