Oscillating Generator could Provide More Efficient Wind Power

Vortex Bladeless Wind Energy Generator

One of the biggest reasons that wind power has not become a huge component of our energy generation infrastructure is that the cost per kilowatt is much higher than with traditional means or even other green methods. Standard turbines are expensive to build and to maintain and cause other challenges that make them less popular than other ways of generating electricity. The solution may be based upon a wobbling bridge.

The Vortex Bladeless design is being both heralded and scorned. Those who believe in it point to the simplicity of design and reductions in cost being promised by the inventors as pure genius. Detractors are saying that their claims are impossible. Who is correct?

Videos of the principle are below, but Treehugger postulates both ideas: it may be brilliant and it may be impossible:

I’ve previously covered other designs of bladeless wind turbines here on TreeHugger, with the comments mostly resembling that of Eeyore saying, “It’ll never work,” but like many innovations intended for established industries, that’s par for the course. That’s not to say that there aren’t any clean energy startups (or startups in general) that mislead the public about the claims of their products, or that there aren’t any scams or hoaxes in the green energy field, but rather that it’s easy to take a quick look and say something’s a scam, even if you’re only talking about a company that overpromises and underdelivers on its marketing claims.

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