Palin invokes Justin Bieber to defend Trump’s abortion views

Sarah Palin Donald Trump

Like him or not, CNN’s Jake Tapper has built a reputation for handling interviews with the proper demeanor necessary as a reporter covering American politics. He tries not to be part of the story, a feat that requires the ability to hide surprise or confusion based upon a politician’s answer. When listening to Sarah Palin give a ludicrous response, Tapper couldn’t help but appear a little dumbfounded.

The question was about Donald Trump’s 180-degree flip-flop on abortion. He was “very pro-choice” to the point of supporting partial-birth abortion. Now, he’s pro-life. Fair question, considering that the vast majority of people barely move their abortion views a little throughout a lifetime, let alone completely waffling as Trump has.

Palin’s defense: Justin Bieber. She likened Trump’s political views on abortion to the lukewarm change-of-heart by a then-16-year-old pop star. Solid.

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