Please Don’t Let the Republican Establishment Crown Another Weak Candidate as Nominee

Chris Christie Marco Rubio

Very few people truly understand the power that the Republican Establishment holds over the party. Most think that they represent the moderate wing of the party and that’s why weak candidates like Bob Dole, John McCain, and Mitt Romney end up with the nomination. The truth is this: they aren’t looking for moderate candidates. They’re looking for big government and corporate-controlled candidates who can keep their cabal intact behind the scenes.

This isn’t a conspiracy theory. It’s the blatant truth. It’s why they will attempt to destroy Ted Cruz if it appears that he can beat Donald Trump. It’s why they will push either Marco Rubio or Chris Christie in the coming weeks with more ferocity than they pushed their previous champions. It’s why they don’t want to be known or discussed. They don’t believe in moderate ideas. They use moderate Republicans as their base while pushing radical ideas behind the scenes.

Conservatives and moderates alike generally believe in smaller government. They generally believe in lower taxes. They generally believe in the power of small businesses, buying American, and having a strong military. The other issues that often separate moderates from conservatives such as military intervention, gay marriage, religious liberties, and gun rights are usually not enough to push them apart when it comes to the general election. The myth that moderates won’t support a candidate like Ted Cruz was summarily debunked by Ronald Reagan.

What the Republican Establishment really represents is the type of big government corporate cronyism and geopolitical adventurism that does not represent the moderate wing of the party. They don’t talk about these things, opting for common ground and crossing the aisle for progress as the reasons for putting up weak candidates, but it’s an absolute and demonstrable lie. They appeal to moderates through the guise of winning elections because they’ve been able to convince them that either Ronald Reagan was a once-in-a-lifetime fluke or that he was a moderate. What they don’t tell you is that they adamantly opposed him in 1979 and 1980 just as they adamantly oppose Ted Cruz today.

In the coming weeks, we will see hardcore attacks on Cruz and Trump. They are so desperate to see their chosen candidates rise in the polls that they will attempt to utterly destroy the conservative and the wildcard that they don’t control. Wake up. Do the research. Learn what you can about their agenda and don’t be swayed by the fluff they’ll put out there regarding their chosen candidates.

Keep in mind that they put out weak candidates that they can control, not candidates that they think can win based upon their moderate views. They want you to believe that moderation is the key to victory when it’s been demonstrated in every election other than one in the last four decades that the polarizing candidate on either the right or the left always wins. The one exception, George H. W. Bush, only won because he was considered by the electorate to be an extension of the Reagan era. He was not, which is why he only served one term.

Independent voters are not necessarily moderate. The Democrats know this. That’s why Bill Clinton and Barack Obama were both far left candidates that won. It’s why George W. Bush, while moderate in practice, ran on a very conservative platform in 2000 and then ran on the war on terrorism platform in 2004. Polarizing candidates win every time which is why the concept that Ted Cruz can’t win because he’s too polarizing and divisive is utter nonsense.

If you’re reading this, you probably don’t like Marco Rubio, Chris Christie, or Jeb Bush right now. Keep it that way. Don’t believe the hype that’s coming down the pipe. The Republican Establishment will make their move to boost their chosen candidate. If you believe in the future of America, you’ll dismiss their propaganda and chose the conservative candidate.

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