Poll finds that scientists and farmers disagree on climate change

Poll finds that scientists and farmers disagree on climate change

According to a new study from Purdue University, farmers and scientists have differing views on what causes climate change, and even whether climate change is actually occurring. This is all according to a recent survey of 7,000 people that researchers from Purdue University and Iowa State universities conducted back in 2011 and 2012.

While more than 90% of scientists and climatologists that were surveyed said that they believed climate change was occurring, that number was  only 66% among corn producers. More than half of the scientists and climatologists attributed climate change primarily to human activities, while a mere 8% of corn producers shared that view.

“Whenever climate change gets introduced, the conversation tends to turn political,” said associate professor of natural resource social science Linda Prokopy, as quoted by Click Green. “Scientists and climatologists are saying climate change is happening, and agricultural commodity groups and farmers are saying they don’t believe that. Our research suggests that this disparity in beliefs may cause agricultural stakeholders to respond to climate information very differently.”

“Farmers are problem solvers,” she said. “A majority of farmers view excess water on their land and variable weather as problems and are willing to adapt their practices to protect their farm operation. Initiating conversations about adaptive management is more effective than talking about the causes of climate change.”

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