Powdered caffeine keeps you up but may kill you

Powdered Caffeine

The FDA just issued a warning to distributors of powdered caffeine in light of two deaths that occurred in 2014 as a result of unintentional overdosing. The agency says that the powder is dangerous and presents a significant risk to consumers.

The distributors who received the warning included Bridge City Bulk, Hard Eight Nutrition (BulkSupplements.com), Pure Bulk, SPN (Smartpowders) and Kreativ Health (Natural Food Supplements). All have products available online.

To put this into perspective; one teaspoon of the pure powdered caffeine is equivalent to 28 cups of coffee. And to measure precisely the amount that is considered a safe dose is difficult with most kitchen tools available. The difference between the amount for a safe and lethal dose is small.

Teenagers and young adults are especially at risk because they are more drawn to substances that give them an energy boost, and less likely to take extreme caution on the amount they are consuming.

After Logan Stiner’s death, Ohio moved to ban the powder from being distributed in their state. The ban was approved this year. Other states are taking steps to ban the substance as well.

Companies have been given 15 days to respond. Hard Eight says that they have stopped selling the product after receiving the warning. Kreativ Health claims that they will be taking it off the market. PureBulk says that it is preparing to respond to the FDA’s request and has no further comment. The others have yet to respond.

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