The T-Rex Costume

Dinosaurs are awesome, let’s all agree on that right away. From the time we’re children, dinosaurs are a huge part of our lives. There are movies, documentaries, and video games about the impulsivity and the unpredictability of these magnificent beasts that existed long long ago. Ever since Jurassic World released in 2015, dinosaurs have seen a bit of a resurgence in their popularity and there is more merchandise available than ever before. The best piece of merchandise, however, is arguably the adult-sized Tyrannosaurus Rex costume that has taken the internet and social media by storm.

T-Rexy for this Suit?

A short time after the release of Jurassic World-the long-awaited and updated sequel to 1993’s mega-hit Jurassic Park (no, the other two don’t count)-the first guy in a T-Rex costume popped up on YouTube. It was originally intended to be a silly costume, but it has morphed into character.   The original is made by a huge costume conglomerate that has become well known for predicting the costume trends and making over twenty-thousand costumes a year that go up for sale in nearly every popular store in America. It’s probably fair to say that Rubie’s Costume Company out of Queens, NY is likely the reason that the internet has been so awesome for the past two years.

The T-Rex suit retails for about $60 in stores but can be found on eBay for less than half that price, which means that sellers have picked up on just how popular this suit has become. The key to obtaining the proper type of suit to participate in internet shenanigans is that it has to be inflatable. The original comes with a battery operated the fan to keep the wearer cool, as it likely gets incredibly hot inside that suit!

I Have a Big Head and Little Arms!

One of the things about the T-Rex that makes it such an amusing costume is that they’re known for having gigantic heads and tiny ineffectual arms that render it unable to do much in terms of heavy lifting. For that reason, this costume is comedy gold and it has proven to be quite the popular view on internet video channels. The idea that their visual acuity is based on movement may be a falsehood sold to us by Jurassic Park “science” and “research” but the general makeup has been proven by fossil evidence. So bring on the T-Rex videos.

If you’re like the rest of the world, you likely have never thought about what it would look like for a dinosaur to ride a horse, shovel snow, or frolic on the beach. However, whether you wanted to know what it would look like or not, you can check it out and if you have any semblance of a sense of humor, you’re going to laugh your hind parts off! The first videos emerged at the tail end of 2015 or early 2016; it’s difficult to pinpoint. At first, people watched the videos out of sheer amazement but now most of us just want to see what else a T-Rex can do.

A T-Rex Mowing the Lawn? Sure

The idea of watching a human being in an inflatable dinosaur suit shoveling snow may be outside the realm of what’s funny to you, but if you boil it down to the simplest terms you can’t help but laugh. If you abandon the sensible side of yourself that tells you it’s a human in there performing all of these mundane activities, it’s not as funny. However, tell yourself you’re watching a T-Rex mow the lawn and it becomes pure hilarity.

The popularity of T-Rex videos may speak volumes about the simplistic nature of our collective sense of humor or how the internet can make anything popular, but you can’t say you haven’t laughed. On a larger scale, though, we have to marvel at the idea of what is considered humorous on the internet and whether or not that same thing could’ve been a successful source of fun before the days of the world wide web. Think about it: if someone had told you to come outside and watch their next door neighbor shoveling snow in a T-Rex costume you would’ve gone, but when you told your mom about it at dinner that night would she have believed you?


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