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Amazon: Not Just a River

Thirty years ago, if someone used the word Amazon in a conversation with you, you would’ve assumed they were referring to the piranha packed South American river, but that’s not the case anymore. A reference to the river would be far more outside the norm now than the other Amazon reference, but these are the

The Merger of the Year?

Walmart already has a sick amount of dedicated customers. There are the customers who refuse to shop at major competitors stores like Target or the soon to be defunct K-Mart. There are the people who do all of their shopping at the local Walmart – groceries included. Finally, there are the people without other options.

Is Cutting the Cord Possible?

We may think we’ve come a long way since ten channels and rabbit ears, but have we? These days, we lock ourselves into contracts with cable providers, often opting for services we don’t need in order to get the discounted rate that the company is offering. Yet, the average cable bill in America is in