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Lincoln Gets Continental

There are seven continents on this Earth, each with its own personalities, traditions, and cultures.  Most of these continents, at some point or another, have played host to some of the world’s most important social figures; politicians, celebrities, and world class athletes.  While each of these continents is vastly different, each of them possesses a

What? No spare!

That’s right folks; many car companies are building cars without spare tires stating the spare tires are causing issues with weight, cost, and fuel efficiency.  There are plenty of car companies to blame, it’s not just one, but the reality is if you don’t have a spare tire, or even a respectable donut in the

Fun Comes in All Sizes

One of the signature stamps of a vehicle that is highly appreciated, or just looks like it should be a lot of fun is to have that vehicle mimicked in some way. One of the best ways and certainly one that brings us back to a childhood full of great memories are to have a