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Did the Obama administration already walk back their ‘genocide’ designation on the Islamic State?

All of the kudos being given to the Obama administration for labeling the atrocities committed by the Islamic State as “genocide” are premature. There is no indication that anything will come from this harshly worded condemnation. Words are words. Extreme actions are the only things that can possibly make a difference in the lives of

Trump on Obama’s first year: “I think he’s doing a really good job… He’s totally a champion.”

Trump supporters always point to the theory of political evolution when they discuss why the man who financially supported the campaigns of Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and Hillary Clinton can now be considered a conservative. They also point to his understanding of people and business in their reasons to believe that he has good judgment.

Can Obama and Netanyahu make nice? Yes and no.

It doesn’t take a behavioral scientist to look at the interactions between US President Barack Obama and Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and come to the conclusion that they don’t like each other. The politically far-left Obama and the far-right Netanyahu have more than just political perspectives driving them apart. They have a completely different