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Atheists: Listen up!

Have you ever heard the joke about the marathon runner, the vegan, and the atheist that walk into a bar and everyone knows about it because they’ve all told everyone in the bar?  This is one of the most accurate jokes that is circulating lately, because these three different entities are all too quick to

Albert Mohler on inerrancy versus authority

The Holy Bible is considered by many in churches to be inerrant. It is 100% correct in the views of many pastors and churchgoers. Of note is that in both of those statements, the word “many” could once be replaced by the phrase “nearly all.” Today, that’s not the case according to Dr. Albert Mohler

A Breakdown of Religions in America

The United States was born from a concept of freedom from religious persecution. This concept hit its peak in the 19th and 20th centuries when the United States was considered to be a strong Judeo-Christian nation. Over the decades, this has changed to allow more religions and even a lack of faith to be more