Tesla Makes Environmentalists Happy


It should go without saying that friends of the environment love Tesla. The automaker is championing the green world weather it wants to or not. As environmental technology continues to push forward into everyday life, a green car like the various Tesla models are appealing to a good chunk of the masses.

Of course, most of the masses around the world could not afford what Tesla brings to the table, but that doesn’t stop them from loving the company.

It’s a pure love fest at NHRegister as Vivek Wadhwa discusses the ways that the company has brought the movement further in the last few years than many efforts have accomplished in decades. Wadhwa loves Elon Musk. That much is clear. Should we all?

My only complaint after owning my Model S for a year is that I now have a hard time driving conventional gas-powered vehicles. They seem clunky and crude. It’s like going back to cassette tapes after using iPods and iPhones. I forget to switch the engine on, find the noise deafening, and feel the jerks when the gears change.

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