Did you know that there are three types of depression? Do you know the symptoms that are expressed when depression occurs? Fatigue and moodiness is often associated but did you know that unexplained digestive issues can often be one of the signs of depression?

The various forms of depression do not care about your gender either, although women have a greater chance of becoming depressed between the ages of 25-44, however men are not unscathed by this mental health disease, 3 million men are currently depressed in the United States and are the gender that have a higher suicide rate due to depression.

Learn about depression facts, symptoms & myths that surround depression and find out the anatomy of depression within the following infographic.

Depression Facts, Symptoms & Myths


Depression symbol concept image via Shutterstock

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  1. Thank you for helping me understand a part of myself that felt like foreign being living in my brain.

  2. Tallgirl

    With anything as with everything are not always what you think . Depression makes some people jump to the wrong conclusion.