The Best Cars for Your Golden Years

Golden Years

Post retirement can be full of concerns about expenses and medical issues, but your vehicle should be lessening those concerns, not increasing them. If getting into and out of your car or high payments have added to a mounting list of troubles, it may be time to get yourself into a car that is friendlier to your joints and your wallet.

The golden years can be daunting if your body is no longer responding to stimuli the way it used to. The gradual pace your life has taken on may not require the same features in your car that it once did. As you’ve eased into the duality of retirement that is comfort but concern. Money may not be as free-flowing as it was when a daily job was part of your ritual, so why waste funds on unnecessary bells and whistles that you don’t need.

There are certain things that may be of value or importance to you in your post-retirement state. If you’re enjoying your time by traveling, an in dash GPS system may suit your needs quite well. If you’re experiencing the aches and pains of arthritis, having to hop up into a giant SUV may not behoove you. There are many automakers that have your needs in mind, and look to help you celebrate your third chapter.

Ford’s Taurus is a solid vehicle that is large enough to provide quite a comfortable ride, but remains stylish. The seats in the Taurus are also built to cradle the sensitive areas of your body like your lumbar area and provide stability. As an option, Ford also has a patented Lane-Keeping System that will assist you in correcting the track of your car should you accidentally swerve out of the lane. A multitude of airbags, protective curve control, and forward collision warning promise to ensure your safety on the road. Ford also offers LATCH, a system that makes the installation of a car seat that much easier for the days when the grandchildren are traveling with you. An in-dash GPS can be added to most models and a backup camera is standard.

Probably the most well-known vehicle in Honda’s lineup, the Accord, is as powerful as it is gas efficient. By selecting the EX-L model with navigation, this satellite linked system can get you anywhere you need to go without a huge additional expense. Dual-zone climate control is also standard on this model, allowing you to keep the driver’s side cool, and the passenger warmer. With the Smart Entry system, the car is able to sense the presence of your key fob and allow you the convenience of unlocking the car with the push of a button. This model also comes standard with a lane deviation warning, a front collision warning, and stability assistance. Safety is a huge advantage in this well-known vehicle. A convenient height allows for easy in and out, no matter the condition of your joints.

If budgeting your money is part of your list of concerns, a well-made yet economical car like the Hyundai Sonata is a great option. The Sonata Limited is loaded with convenience features like heated front and rear seats, leather interior, one touch windows, and a top of the line sound system. It also adds in functional features like push button start, hands free trunk opening, and a blind spot detection system. Weighing in just $4000 more than the starting price of a base model Accord, the Sonata offers maximum fuel economy and all the bells and whistles too! Add in Hyundai’s stellar warranties, and this vehicle is certain to be not only budget friendly, but a well-thought investment.

If you live in a city that sees more than its fair share of snow and ice, safety in those conditions is a number one priority. The Subaru Outback offers the safety and security of an SUV without the outrageous height differential.   Offering AWD standard, Subaru sets themselves apart already with the Outback, but then with the Limited model they add key features like windshield wipers that defrost themselves and heated mirrors. The Outback also offers some comfort features like seats that adjust to cater to your lumbar region and heated seats. Subaru takes the sense of safety from an SUV, the height of a car, and the rugged exterior of a Jeep and combines them for one secure ride.

When you’re trying to enjoy the third chapter of your life with minimal hassle, any old car won’t do. Your vehicle should fit nicely into your life, not vice versa. Any of the aforementioned models will suit the daily lifestyle of a retiree while still being sporty and stylish enough to impress the grandkids.

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