The Furious 7 Dodge Charger

The Furious 7 Dodge Charger

As one of the most touted cars that have made a resurgence, the Dodge Charger, especially the Hellcat have had more articles and stories written about it than just about any other car on the planet. Take that same car and put it in one of the highest grossing movies in history and it becomes an instant icon, but that is not where this story ends.

The Dodge Charger of the Furious 7 movie is not your average everyday Hellcat (as if there is such a thing) but it’s an actual off road beast that makes is way to the big screen to be one of the greatest cars ever seen and have one of the best car performances ever as well. This car could not have made the performance and view it did without the hard work of one special person, Dennis McCarthy.

Dennis McCarthy is owner of Vehicle Effects in Sun Valley California which has been the shop behind many of the cars in five of the seven Fast and Furious movies. Dennis started out doing basic maintenance and hot rod repairs in Burbank when the producer Jim Brubaker asked him to make some modifications to a large military truck to be used in a crash scene in “Dragonfly”. After that modification, Dennis received a call to work on the cars for the movie Fast & Furious Tokyo Drift after which he was now an integral part of the entire franchise.

Thanks to Dennis and his team at Vehicle Effects we as spectators get to enjoy the fast driving, off roading furious Dodge Challenger that shows up on the screen in Furious 7 for Dom and his team to find a way to show up, kick butt and rid the world of yet another evil villain.

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