The Goals of a Fighter versus the Promises of a Deal Maker: Cruz/Trump 2016

Ted Cruz Donald Trump

The fact that Ted Cruz is the only major candidate that hasn’t really felt any of Donald Trump’s wrath combined with the lead that Trump has in the polls currently has many people promoting a concept of a Trump/Cruz ticket for the Republican nomination. They are close. In reality, a Cruz/Trump ticket makes a lot more sense.

Trump’s most recent policy announcement is a departure from where he’s been in the past. Rather than promoting the gun control measures he’s been known to advocate, he’s shifted his promise to include zero additional provisions for buying or owning a gun. This conservative shift towards being a second amendment promoter has some people wondering what policy shift is he going to promise next.

The differences between Cruz and Trump are numerous, but consistency is the most obvious. Cruz has been a fighter throughout his career even before he was an elected official. This is different from being a deal maker. Trump’s skills as a deal maker makes him someone who should be Vice President at best or even Secretary of State, but the shifting that has been happening smell suspiciously like someone who is willing to say whatever it takes to win votes.

Despite the early polls (which are relatively meaningless if you look at recent history) it is very likely that Cruz will be able to gain more support as the field narrows. Both are polarizing but Trump has made many more enemies in the camps of other contenders. It’s very unlikely that a Bobby Jindal or Carly Fiorina supporter would shift to Trump once their candidates bow out.

Cruz has a history of fighting for the values that have made him a strong candidate. He has been the most consistent conservative throughout the campaign. Trump has done the appropriate shifts that work well in sound bites designed to get the headline-reading Republicans. When the base looks on the surface, they see someone who sounds conservative. When they dig deeper, they realize that many of his campaign promises are conveniently conservative compared to where he was when he spoke from his heart. These shifts are the differentiators that separate fighters from opportunistic deal makers. Trump would make a fine Vice President. Cruz would make a great President.

Donald Trump has very clear skills but it would seem that leading the country from a position of fortitude and consistency is not one of them. If the GOP combines his entertainment value as a VP candidate for Ted Cruz, it would be a winning ticket.

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