The New IT Movie

Ever since the first teaser trailer, people have been losing their minds over the remake of Stephen King’s IT.  Details have been kept pretty quiet thus far and people who have seen the movie over the past week aren’t keeping mum as well.  The movie released on September 8th, but a week later, and no one seems to be spilling the beans about what happens in the movie.  The reviews are pretty excellent, and the word is that the acting is great and that Bill Skarsgard does the role of Pennywise some justice.

A lot of the concerns about this film centered around the whole remake thing.  People are sick of seeing the movies of our childhood being remade when the original worked just fine.  They’ve already made The Karate Kid, Red Dawn, and tried a ridiculous attempt at making Dirty Dancing a TV movie, so people are a little bit sensitive about the movies that Hollywood is choosing to sully the good name of.  IT was one of those iconic films of our childhood that we hold great sentiment for and to hear it was going forward without our permission was a little bit scary for all of us.

IT just Isn’t IT

Whether it’s simple nostalgia or a genuine affinity for the old version of IT, people were all up in arms when they found out that the movie makers would not be reprising any of the former roles.  A great deal of people were hoping that Tim Curry or a lookalike would be portraying Pennywise.  Unfortunately, the original Pennywise the clown suffered a major stroke in 2012 and has been wheelchair bound ever since.  Therefore, his reprisal would be nearly impossible unless viewers wanted to see a very aged version of Pennywise on the big screen.

Another thing that people didn’t think about when the remake of this movie was announced was that the original version had been made for TV.  It was featured as a miniseries on a major network channel during the early nineties, so if you read the book, you were well aware that parts were missing.  King’s book features an incredible amount of cursing, violence, and sexual content that couldn’t have been included in a made for TV movie, so fans who hadn’t tackled King’s thousand-page monster wouldn’t have known the difference.

For fans who read the book, the miniseries was missing a little something for us.  The book, if properly made into a movie would’ve been so fantastic had they been able to include half of what the censors kept out.  Many people who were fans of the book proclaimed that the movie would be one of the scariest ever made if they went straight from the book.  So when the remake was announced, some people were really hopeful that the movie would be made properly this time, even though the original was pretty awesome.

So for all of you people out there threatening to not go see the movie because you’re protesting remakes, pause a moment to consider.  It may not be the IT that you’re used to, but it could be better.  Give things a shot before completely ruling it out.  You may be pleasantly surprised and according to early reports, Tim Curry applauds the Pennywise performance in this film!

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