Marco Rubio’s real problem with Gang of Eight: SHATTERED campaign promises

Marco Rubio Gang of Eight Lies

The debate about Marco Rubio’s stance on immigration has always centered around his involvement with the Gang of Eight immigration bill in 2013. Today, things are different and many voters are taking that at face value which is their prerogative. However, what’s more disturbing about Rubio is how quickly he absolutely abandoned the promises he made on the campaign trail for the sake of political expediency.

In an election cycle that has every GOP candidate lying about the others, trust has been brought up as an important factor. As voters, we can’t put too much weight on whether they’re lying about each other since they’re all doing it. However, we should put a lot of focus on when the candidates are lying to “We the People.” In this regard, Rubio’s complete disregard of the promises that earned him a spot in the Senate takes the cake.

This wasn’t a subtle shift over time on an unimportant subject. He completely disregarded his campaign promises as a Tea Party candidate and lurched to the left. He thought it would help him in his eventual run for the Presidency. There are enough lies in the world of politics. There’s no need to compound the issue by betraying the promises that got him where he is. What does that say about the promises he’s making today on the campaign trail?

To get elected, Marco Rubio swore against ever supporting amnesty. Once elected, he turned right around a year later and embraced it. Politicians are allowed to change their minds, but this type of rapid-fire promise-breaking should terrify Republican voters.

Perhaps it’s best summed up by this headline that was written while everything was happening in the Senate with Rubio:

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