Third World vs. First World Water Problems

Clean Water Around the World

Clean Water Around the World

Those of us who live in a developed Country often take for granted our access to luxuries that exceed everything we need, like clean water.  We even have the ability to use filtered water if we choose or bottled water if we may. We all too often forget about those who die every year from having to drink nothing but filthy water, 700,000 children alone to be exact.

We don’t like thinking of those things but it is necessary to help keep us humble and learn some steps we can take to help conserve water by ways of turning off the water while we brush our teeth to buying low-flushing toilets so we can save 18,000 gallons a year of water wasted.

Learn in the following infographic more about water within the first world vs. third world countries and what we can do to make this world a better place by consuming clean water and conserving it for others.

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