Trump could have his tax returns released in hours… and does so regularly

Donald Trump Lies About Taxes

Donald Trump lies. Everyone but his supporters realizes this. The latest lie is that his tax returns are “too complex” to release in a timely manner. His supporters are buying into it because he’s rich and his tax returns probably fill a room, right? It’s arguably the dumbest thing his supporters have bought into since his claim that Mexico is going to pay for the wall.

That’s simply not how tax returns work. It doesn’t matter how rich you are or how many businesses you own. An individual’s tax returns, once completed, are placed in files both digitally and in paper backups. The difference between how average Joe America keeps his tax returns and how Donald J. Trump keeps his is that Trump’s team of accountants make certain that everything is in order, quickly retrievable, and readily available to send to the government or to any of the dozen Wall Street bankers that need them in order to loan him money for his hotels and casinos.

Filing the taxes for Donald Trump is definitely a complex process, but nobody’s asking for his current filings. We’re asking for his tax returns, something that anyone of his fiscal stature files away properly. In fact, he can probably supply his tax returns faster than your average American because he’s accustomed to releasing them regularly. As he has stated, he’s audited every year. More importantly, he takes out very large loans on a regular basis. When borrowing huge sums of money from an entity like Deutsche Bank, which he did three times in recent years, he has to supply his tax returns. When requested, he releases them instantly.

As Mitt Romnney, a rich man who released his own taxes for his 2012 Presidential run, pointed out yesterday, “The fact that he’s so aggressive in avoiding any discussion of his taxes…  suggests there’s something in there he doesn’t want us to see.”

There is absolutely, positively something in his tax returns that he doesn’t want anyone to see. Otherwise, he wouldn’t make such a blatant lie about them being too complex to release quickly. He would just release them and defend his tax decisions like Romney did. It didn’t destroy Romney’s nomination when he released them in January, 2012, so why does Trump think his taxes are too dangerous to his campaign to release before it’s too late for Republican voters? It’s conspicuous that he says he’ll “consider” releasing them in a “couple of months.” The nomination will be locked up by the time he “considers” releasing them.

When Deutsche Bank needed his tax returns for any of his three huge loans in 2011 and 2012, he supplied them the same day. When We the People ask for them, suddenly they’re too complex. It’s a blatant lie. We will find out on March 1 if voters are as gullible as he hopes.

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