Trump supporters deserve to be heard about immigration

Trump Supporters

When I was a supporter of Donald Trump, I was drawn to the beliefs he espoused rather than the bluster he utilized to deliver those beliefs. I thought I was in the minority, that most of his support was coming from people who enjoyed his straight-talking style and wanted a non-politician to represent them. Now that I’m on the outside looking in, I realize that it really is the issues that drive his support. People aren’t just sick of politicians. They’re sick of the politics itself and they want a change.

In spirit, I’m still a Trump supporter. I no longer intend to vote for him, but I support what he wants to do about immigration and other issues. More importantly, I support his supporters. I can completely appreciate the desire to stop the downward spiral of the country and I know why they think Trump is the person for the job. Their message must be heard and I’m going to try to encapsulate their frustrations here.

Illegal immigration is their biggest grievance. It’s what launched his campaign and it’s what has sustained it throughout despite releases of a liberal tax/spending plan and a poor understanding of foreign policy. Most Americans, whether they want to voice this opinion or not, are upset that illegal immigrants are flooding the country. We’re not against immigration. We’re against those who hurt us when they shouldn’t be here in the first place.

Trump supporters deserve to be heard, particularly on these three immigration topics:

Secure the Border, Reform Legal Immigration, and Restore the Rule of Law

To paint all Trump supporters as “racists” is doing so with a very broad brush. Are there racists that support Trump? Yes. Are there racists that support Hillary Clinton? Yes. Is there a candidate who is not supported by racists? No.

What the bulk of Trump supporters want is common sense measures taken towards illegal immigration. It is utterly insane to believe that people who break the law should not be punished. It is equally insane to believe that we shouldn’t try to stop people from illegally crossing the border. Lastly, it’s foolish to believe that the current legal immigration system is able to protect Americans. Clearly, it is not.

We need to…

  • Build a working wall.
  • Triple the number of border patrol agents.
  • Take advantage of technology to keep eyes on the border at all times and to use a biometric entry-exit tracking system.
  • Increase deportations and end catch-and-release.
  • Fix E-Verify and stop financial benefits from going to those who aren’t supposed to be here in the first place.
  • End birthright citizenship, enforce the public-charge doctrine, halt legal immigration increases, and complete a comprehensive audit of the abused H-1B visa program.
  • Bring an end to sanctuary policies.
  • End the Administration’s illegal amnesty program.

None of these are racist expectations. They’re extremely prudent and they’re all workable. They also represent why I no longer plan on voting for Trump. I’ll always be thankful that he brought these issues to the table, but I switched my allegiance to Ted Cruz because he has the actual plan to make Trump’s goals become a reality. In fact, I pulled pretty much everything listed above from his immigration plan.

Trump supporters aren’t just out there making noise. They have real grievances about the issues, immigration in particular. The reality is this: they are looking for a statesman, not a showman. They want the problems solved.

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