Two sentences in an AP news story show how mainstream media will attack Cruz

Ted Cruz Hope

It is the job of the Associated Press to reveal the cold hard facts, not to editorialize in a “news” story. Many journalists are proving that they cannot handle this responsibility and are unable to hold back their contempt for Republican Presidential candidate Ted Cruz.

In a story titled, “Immigration fuels Cruz-Rubio Republican clash,” AP reporters Steve Peoples and Catherine Lucey painted an extremely biased picture. The story is not an editorial. It’s not a column. It’s intended to explain the news as it is occurring but their blatant attack on Cruz and their support of Marco Rubio is crystal clear. Throughout the story, they portray Rubio’s stance as the right way and Cruz’s stance as the wrong way.

The “journalists,” Steve Peoples and Catherine Lucey, represent why Americans’ trust in the media is at an all-time low. I don’t believe they are corrupted by money or anything as simple as that. They simply have an agenda and they don’t possess the integrity necessary to keep their agendas out of their work.

In the second paragraph, just two sentences long, it’s easy to see the bias. There’s no need to highlight it, but I’m adding emphasis nonetheless.

Cruz, a Texas senator and tea party firebrand, sees Rubio’s support for a more forgiving immigration policy as his greatest vulnerability among conservatives who overwhelmingly oppose a pathway to citizenship for immigrants in the country illegally. Rubio, a Florida senator, sees Cruz’s shifting rhetoric on immigration as a prime example of a larger pattern of political pandering.

The tricky part in crafting the intended bias is to portray one’s feelings for the other’s stance in a way that is tilted appropriately. They used the weak concept that Cruz sees Rubio’s stance, a “more forgiving” one, as a “vulnerability.” These words were very carefully chosen to demonstrate first that Rubio’s stance is compassionate. Then, they’re equally careful to use the word “vulnerability” in a way that makes it look like a political move, as if he’s attacking Rubio’s stance with some sort of campaign trickery.

By getting harsher with Rubio’s characterization of Cruz’s perspective as “shifting rhetoric” and representative of a “larger pattern of political pandering,” the journalists attempt to sway the voters’ perspectives about Cruz’s position.

Liberal mainstream media is absolutely terrified by Ted Cruz. They would love to see Marco Rubio as the candidate against Hillary Clinton for the same reason they wanted to see Mitt Romney and John McCain take on Barack Obama. They know Rubio would lose and they fear that Cruz would actually beat Clinton.

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