When will it not be too early to call Common Core an utter failure?

Common Core Failure

The deeper we get into the “educational” system known as Common Core, the harder it will be to take down. Those of us who have been watching for a while realize that it’s definitely not what we thought it would be. I know. I was a big supporter all those years ago before I realized the impossibility of the situation.

The problem with Common Core is that it makes assumptions that are untenable. You cannot convince educators, let alone parents, that everyone should be able to handle the same level of workload and learning that others do. In essence, it relegates the education system into a parody of itself where critical thought is replaced by indoctrination of processes. The irony is that it was intended to somehow promote critical thinking. The failure comes in the form of universal concepts superseding direct interaction with individual students.

There’s a piece I read that brings it home for those who don’t quite understand the process. I am a firm believer that if more people knew what Common Core actually did to education, that we could start calling it out for what it is much sooner.

Here’s the article:

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