The Clinton campaign’s biggest fear is Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz vs Hillary Clinton

As unpopular as it is to say to fellow conservatives, Donald Trump is not an issue to Hillary Clinton’s campaign team. They rightfully view him as someone who will not be able to withstand the attacks that are waiting for him should he be nominated as the GOP’s candidate. Their real concern is what they’ll do if Trump fades and Ted Cruz wins the nomination.

Even though he’s a distant second place, David Brock and other members of Clinton’s core allies are feverishly preparing to find chinks in the Texas Senator’s armor. They see him as their biggest concern because his track record of ideological fortitude is a stark contrast to Clinton’s political expediency.

Clinton has lived a life designed to operate squarely within the structured cronyism of Washington DC. Cruz has been the “Washington Cartel’s” greatest foe. More importantly, they know that Cruz would score points with Independents and moderate Democrats during Presidential debates.

Trump, who has done well for himself at debates, is not like Cruz. His brand of bombast and exaggerated promises plays properly into Clinton’s hands. Her debate style is designed to make inexperienced debaters look foolish. However, she has not fared as well against intellectual debaters which is one of the reasons she saw a huge lead evaporate rapidly when she faced Barack Obama in 2008.

The Clinton campaign doesn’t take Trump lightly. He has changed the shape of the campaign for both parties. With Cruz, they see a bigger threat, one that could yank the election right out from under them.