Why 22 conservative patriots took on the Establishment and their pawns

Donald Trump Irate

The Republican Establishment has many pawns. Matt Drudge is a pawn. Bob Dole is a pawn. Sarah Palin is a pawn. Yes, even Donald Trump is a pawn. When there are so many incentives for the power brokers to steal the election from conservatives, it took 22 conservative “untouchables” to speak the truth and attempt to save America.

The National Review made a courageous move by going after Donald Trump with a series of articles and opinions penned by a consortium of conservative thought leaders. The list includes some of the most noteworthy conservative minds in the country from Thomas Sowell to Brent Bozell III. The names on the list are just as important as the content of the articles themselves because they represent the last stand against Trump’s and the Republican Establishment’s attempted reclamation of power over the GOP. These aren’t people who will benefit by hurting Trump in any way other than the benefits that everyone in the country will receive by stopping this travesty. They don’t have an agenda of personal benefit. They can’t be bought. They are conspicuous for being isolated in their inability to be swayed.

This is so important to understand. Trump’s endorsements are coming in from people who can be influenced in some way or another. Whether it’s the Republican Establishment, Trump himself, or both, the people who embrace him aren’t doing so out of principle but because they will benefit from his Presidency personally even if the country goes down the tubes as a result.

When we look at the Palin endorsement, it’s very clear that she’s doing it for her own benefit. She’s been telegraphing her desire to be Trump’s Energy Secretary since August.

When we look at Bob Dole and Governor Terry Branstad’s endorsements, we see that their newly chosen candidate has offered to increase liberal subsidies for the alternative energy cartel in Iowa that has ties to their families.

When we look at Drudge and Breitbart, we see them embrace Trump in ways that stand out; both publications benefit publicly in the form of page views if Trump is the nominee whether he wins the general election or not. The thing that can hurt them the most is if another GOP candidate wins the election. That would make them the voice of the reigning party and that cuts their page views as well as their bottom line. It’s likely more than that, though. Without directly accusing, one might come to the conclusion that Trump has “made a deal” with these “conservative” publications.

On the other hand, when we look at the names on the #AgainstTrump list, we see people who will not individually benefit from Trump winning or losing. Their benefit is shared with the rest of the country; they are expressing their opinions based upon the idea that a Trump nomination would be a setback for conservatism, destroy the Republican party, and do unfathomable damages to the United States of America.

It had to be done and I’m proud of them for standing up for what they believe. Donald Trump is dangerous. The Republican Establishment is even more dangerous. With the two of them getting together and wielding their power across the party and the country, conservatism may die in America if they’re not stopped immediately.

Trump often says that he can’t be bought, but he admits that he buys political influence regularly. We see him buying support, not with money, but with the insider cronyism he pretends to oppose. We should trust the 22 incorruptible conservatives who have chosen to stand against him for the sake of America.

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