It isn’t about the veterans. It’s all about Trump. Veterans, you’re being used.


This article represents my personal views and should not be considered an endorsement from this publication. With that said, it’s starting to become clear that if we’re going to pick a responsible and capable candidate to lead this country back to exceptionalism and our choices are Donald Trump or Ted Cruz, it has to be Cruz.

I didn’t really know this for sure until today.

Donald Trump will say that he is doing a better thing by avoiding the debate and focusing on veterans. This is a silly excuse. He can support veterans at any time that’s not during the final debate before the caucus and primary season starts. He’s using veterans as cover for his real motive which is to avoid the scrutiny from the debate and to focus as much attention himself as possible.

It should absolutely offend any veteran knowing that your service to this country is being used as a political toy. I don’t doubt that Trump cares about veterans. He’s not a bad person and it would take a bad person or a liberal (one in the same?) to not care for the amazing sacrifices made by the men and women of our armed forces. This is why the move is so distasteful. He could hold this event at any time. Instead, he’s using veterans to try to attack other people at Fox News as well as the other candidates, people who also support our veterans. I would contend that many of them support veterans even more than Trump.

Some might say that anything that brings the spotlight to the challenges faced by veterans is a good thing. Again, the logic is sound on the surface and abysmal when you dig a little deeper. It’s a purely self-serving move that taints the cause of veterans issues by dragging it through the mud with Trump’s version of childish, dirty politics.

This comes from a candidate who TWICE confused US veterans with Russian and German military in campaign ads:

Do we really believe that Donald Trump isn’t using veterans against Fox News? I would contend that if he really felt so strongly about veterans’ issues, he would have done so when he could have had the broadest audience. He wouldn’t make people choose between his “righteous” cause and gathering information about the people who will affect veterans and the rest of us for the next 4-8 years.

This is all part of his plan. It’s not about the veterans. It’s about covering up his weaknesses, particularly in Iowa.

Donald Trump is a master marketer. He knows how to manipulate people by pulling at their heartstrings and tapping into their anger. This time, the anger should be directed at him for desecrating the service of the people in our armed forces by making them pawns in his game of brinkmanship. Today, I’m switching my support to Ted Cruz.

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