World’s first glowing bike path opens in the Netherlands

World’s first glowing bike path opens in the Netherlands

Cyclists in the Dutch town of Nuenen are finally able to ride on a special bike path that’s been in the works for months. What’s so special about this bike path, and why did it take so long? Well, this particular bike path is the product of a collaboration between a designer and a construction company who want to design smarter and more efficient roads, such as this one, which glows.

The Van Gogh-Roosegaarde bike path, named such because Nuenen is the hometown of Van Gogh and the city commissioned the path as a tribute to the famous artists, is coated in a light-emitting paint and embedded with small LEDs that’re powered by a nearby solar array. The path spends all day charging, according to Wired, and then glows throughout the night.

Not only is the bike path named after Van Gogh, the glowing lights on the path are placed in a way that closely resembles some of Van Gogh’s art. The finished result offers “energy neutral landscapes that are both practical and poetic,” and riding a bike on them feels “like you’re cycling through a painting.”

“I wanted to create a place that people will experience in a special way, the technical combined with experience, that’s what techno-poetry means to me,” says the path’s designer, the Dutch artist Daan Roosegaarde, as quoted by Gizmodo. Roosegaarde worked with a construction and infrastructure company known as Heijmans for the project.

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